Within the comprehensive legal assistance every businessperson needs, Public Law constitutes an essential area in the Republic of Argentina.

At PASBBA, lawyers have received training and have solid experience gained through the years of practice in this field. Therefore, PASBBA makes up an interdisciplinary team of lawyers together with the external advisors, to afford the best possible counsel to the businessperson doing business with the Government within the framework of administrative agreements.

Issues related to tax planning also form part of the counsel given by lawyers at PASBBA, specifically trained to such end.

The National Government has greater and greater interference within all the scope of human activities, whereby, a team of professionals with expertise on all the stages of administrative processes is of the utmost importance, both at local and national level. The team must also have in-depth knowledge on regulations and hirings that link the public and private sectors. 

At PASBBA, the professional team has the necessary experience to provide assistance to its clients through all the judicial stages in connection with conflicts arising out of a public/ private relationship, being either administrative or legal proceedings related to state governed regulations or hirings, as well as those proceedings related to antitrust and commercial loyalty.